4 Amazing Content Ideas For Restaurants

One of the best and most proven tactics to build content for your restaurant’s social media is to plan ahead. Planning ahead could mean scheduling out content and social media posts weeks in advance. But that means sitting down and deciding on all of the content ideas at once every few weeks. 

If that seems overwhelming, don’t worry because it doesn’t have to be! franki is here to give you a quick guide on some quick content ideas that will get your creativity churning and keep your customer’s engaged.

4 amazing, repeatable content ideas you can use today.

01. Show your customers a behind the scenes look at your kitchen.

You customers love seeing how their favorite dishes come together in a kitchen. Not only is this a great way to get customers talking and interacting with you and each other, they also get a peek at items on the menu that they may have never seen before. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “how can we keep this interesting when we have a smaller menu?” 

If you run out of items on your menu to show off, you can always switch the focus from the menu to some of your favorite repeat customizable orders. You can give these fun names and tag some of your loyal fanbase to help boost your post views while also showing your customers that you truly care and value them. This is a great way to recycle some content but still keep it fresh and engaging.

02. Put up staff profiles

It’s 2021 and customers want to see a little personality and life in their restaurants. Customers want to know who’s in the kitchen and behind the counter! They also want to see employees that love the work they do and enjoy interacting with customers. Creating engaging and unique staff profiles on your website or social media allows customers to put names to the faces they see when they come in. These profiles can improve the morale of your establishment and will make new visitors feel welcome and at home. Ask your staff about their passions, their favorite films, and what their favorite menu item is. When you’ve profiled all of your staff members, you can move on to asking random questions or giving them fun challenges that show off how interactive and interesting your staff are.

03. Create helpful dietary guides

Food sensitivities and intolerances can keep your customers guessing about the food they are going to order. To better inform your customer base and to help them choose menu items that fit their needs, consider creating helpful guides targeted specifically to which items can be ordered. For example, you could create a blog that walks through all of the vegan items on your menu. Don’t have a lot of options? That’s okay! Think about the other items on your menu. How can they be customized to be vegan friendly? What about lactose-free? Gluten-free? There will always be customers curious about what they can order that fits their dietary needs. Lean into it! They’ll thank you later.

04. Run a contest!

This is a fun one! The best way to engage your users is to challenge them to compete with each other for a prize. Customers, especially those who frequent social media, love engaging in contests. It could be something as simple as the wildest hair style or the weirdest customer order using a secret passcode gets a giftcard or a free comped meal. It could even be voted on using a social media platform like franki by your followers, boosting your page views and getting users engaged with your channels.

These four content ideas are a great way to keep your customers engaged with your social media channels and your website. Establishing a great content strategy can be as easy as highlighting your kitchen, showing off your staff, building dietary guides, and running engaging contests for your users. Adding these content ideas into your weekly content calendar can take some of the stress out of building a content calendar and give you some extra time to spend engaging with your customers online. And at franki, we know that’s where the real magic happens.