4 Exciting Content Ideas For Your Bar

Connecting with your customers can be intimidating, even for talented social media gurus but we’re here to tell you that all it takes is a little patience and a splash of ingenuity to really keep your customers engaged and committed to coming back to your bar. 

If you’ve been feeling stuck, don’t worry! We’ve got 4 amazing content ideas that you can use every year to get your customers excited and engaged in your business!

4 Exciting Content Ideas For Your Bar

01. Annual Bar Birthday

Everyone loves a birthday so why not celebrate your own!? Every year set up a weekend, or even a full week of birthday shenanigans! It could be a scavenger hunt, a competitive game of pub trivia, or a themed dance off. You could probably even commit to all of those and more. Your customers will love competing and you can offer fun bar specials to commemorate the occasion. This could take a few months to properly plan with a few cryptic blog entires and social media posts leading up to the event, but if you create a great buzz this will no doubt be a yearly event that both your regulars and newcomers will enjoy.

02. Reward loyalty

Customers love when they feel heard or seen by a business. One way that you can reward customer loyalty is to treat regulars like one of the family. Every few months you and your employees can choose a regular customer and write a featured blog articles about them and reward them for their patronage. It could be as symbolic as putting a plaque with their name on the wall or allowing them to name a drink on the menu. Doing this helps customers humanize your bar while also making it feel a little more homey.

03. Levering videos on social media

You’ve got some talented people on your staff, this is the time to show them off. Create engaging and fun video content featuring your customers and staff engaging. Maybe one of your bartenders can get flashy as he mixes that margarita or maybe another bartender can serve 20 drinks in sixty seconds. Use social media to shout out some of your amazing staff and simultaneously lean in to people wanting to see what they’re missing when they aren’t there. You could even have a series that you post every Monday that shows patrons having fun through the whole weekend. This type of content gets much higher engagement and will keep users coming back every weekend to see if they’ve made the highlights.

04. Secret promos

Every week is a new opportunity to surprise your customers. Using social media, you can leave clues for users to guess what that week’s special drink theme is. If the customer guesses correctly and comes wearing something related to that theme their first drink of the night could be half off. And, as an added bonus, the first customer of the night that guesses correctly gets two free drinks. Customers really do love a mystery and they also love getting rewarded for their curiosity. Secret promos can work really well for any bar, large or small. 

Creating engaging content ideas for your social media and blogs can seem overwhelming, but all you really have to keep in mind is the customer. A great way that you can think about content is identifying two things: one, what drives customers to come to your bar and, two, what can you do to keep the night fun and entertaining in a way that makes you stand out from the bar around the corner. 

As you begin creating content for your bar, you should be looking at all of the different social media platforms that can help you connect your customers and keep them engaged. These 4 content ideas can work really well with the right social media platform. 

On a platform like franki, you can connect with your customers and build a strong network of users who are loyal and committed customers who love your bar like you do. franki is a great palace to test customers about an epic birthday bash, create a compelling video interview of a loyal customer to accompany a spotlight blog, show off all of your customer’s weekend shenanigans, all while hinting about the monthly special promo. You can make franki the place where customers see and connect with the real you.