4 Stellar Content Ideas For Your Café

Connecting with your customers is easier than ever with the right type of content, but what content can your cafe create that will keep users engaged and interested in your social media feed?

If you need a creativity boost that will keep your customers engaged and active on you social media channels and website, here are 4 content ideas you can use starting right this second.

4 stellar content ideas to engage your cafe customers

01. Staff profiles that highlight your secret menu

Staff profiles on your social media are a spectacular way of connecting with your customers and making yoru cafe look approachable and cozy, but another thing that these staff profiles can do is highlight your very own unique secret menu.Not only is this a great way to make your staff seem more approachable, it also gives them the ability to be creative and fun. Task your staff to come up with their own signature drink for the secret menu and a ritual to be done every time one of their drinks is ordered. For added secrecy you can record the rituals and post them out of context on social media to create a buzz among your followers.

02. Throw weekly events

Hosting weekly events is a great way to break the ice with your customers and get them to engage outside of their bubble. The event could be something like “Sit with a Stranger” where a few tables are set aside for customers to make friends with their tablemates. Or you can have an event called “Order Your Favorite” where you get the favorite drink of the person in front of you and you order your favorite for the person next in line. Events like this can always be plugged on your blog, website calendar, and on social media. These events are great to get customers out of their routine and give them something fun to look forward to when they come in for the daily or weekly coffee/tea.

03. Engaging video content

One surefire way to grab the interest of your customers is to show them where you source your products. This works really well if your cafe is small and sourced locally. If you don’t source locally or can’t manage to capture that kind of content, this can work just as well with an ASMR, or Autonomous sensory meridian response, video that focuses on the sound of a drink being made. Another example of video content could be a foam art masterclass taught by one of your employees. The sky’s the limit when it comes to crafting fun and creative videos. Remember that engaging video content should be short and to the point to keep your social media following engaged and interested.

04. Highlight your local customers

BuzzyBooth is an automated review software that works by collecting contact information, automatically requests reviews of your business, and also monitors reviews and gives you reports with statistics and analytics. BuzzyBooth is great for businesses that have little time to devote to their customer reviews but also want to stay somewhat engaged with users. The messages sent to customers can be personalized but using automation makes the connection between your business and customer impersonal.  

Every month you can choose to highlight one a customer and what they bring to your cafe whether that’s always having a smile or always being caring to your staff, highlighting your customers on social media na rewarding them with a gift card or a nice treat is a great way to show that you care for your community and customers. This also gives you the chance to brag about yourself through one of your customers because if they’re coming by a few times a week you’re definitely doing something right! Think about who your staff loves to see and reward them for being such amazing and loyal customers.


It may seem like your cafe is limited in what it can do creatively, but there are a lot of different content marketing ideas that you can employ that will keep your staff engaged and make the customers feel like one of the family. Part of creating a solid plan for connecting with your users is picking the right social media channel that can connect with users authentically and easily. franki is an experience review app that gives customers a taste of adventure and helps them as they explore their local community. 

For a cafe that is looking to create content around a secret menu, weekly events, engaging videos, and highlighting loyal customers, franki could be the perfect platform to connect with your customers. Make your customers feel seen and heard by connecting with them and building a virtual local community, all while creating engaging content.