5 Steps for more effective restaurant branding

5 Steps every business owner should take to manage their Restaurant branding more effectively with User-Generated-Content

Every single day business owners ask us for the easiest way to manage their restaurant branding. Our reply is always the same: you need to get more user-generated content (UGC) with video reviews, rather than text-based reviews, that are organic and that you can share on your social channels. 

Consider this: your restaurant has a loyal following. They love your establishment and tell their friends. When they walk in the door, you feel grateful. The reality is that they feel grateful too. We all love having a restaurant where we are acknowledged, eat great food and drink, and have a great experience. As customers, it makes us feel good, and we want to share with others to keep you in business. 

Your best patrons are essentially Brand Ambassadors without the formal title. They love you and your restaurant, plus they want you to succeed. And guess what? They will help you; all you have to do is ask. How can you turn this passion into your restaurant branding?

Read our 5-step guide to better restaurant branding with franki, and getting more visual awareness with video reviews from your existing customers. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Claim your listing on the the franki app.

Did you know that when businesses claim their free listing on several review sites, they increase their revenue by over 50%? By claiming your listing, you’re in charge. The first thing to do is check for accuracy. Then, upload your banner photo and add any relevant information your patrons and prospects need to know. 

For patrons, franki is where they come to see videos, and for businesses, you get UGC.  So while you’re there, check to see if you have any UGC already posted. You might be surprised that some patrons have already uploaded videos on your unclaimed restaurant listing. 

2. Ask your best patrons to make videos

Almost everyone knows how to make a video with their phones, and people love sharing a positive experience, especially if it helps a business they love. A video review is more immersive and engaging than a text-based review for everyone involved, and it’s shareable, accurate, and honest. 

Give your patrons ideas for their videos, such as: filming their food delivery, a toast with their favorite cocktail, the view, something fun and unique inside your restaurant, or even their favorite waitstaff – anything that shows why they love your restaurant.

The reality is that people love helping their favorite businesses. Don’t be afraid to ask for a video-based review over a text-based review, because video is the best restaurant branding you can get. 

3. With GiGs you set the rules

GiGs encourage local foodies to come in and try – well, whatever you’d like. You might have a specific promotion or want more videos about what the food looks like or what makes your place unique. Their profile becomes more visible, and they get rewards. It’s your GiG, you decide.

4. Share your UGC videos on Social channels

You’re all set. You’ve spoken to your patrons, they’re uploading videos on your franki listing, you downloaded the franki app, claimed your restaurant listing, and made any necessary updates to hours, promotions, and more. Now it’s time to take those videos and start sharing them on other social channels to show the world that your restaurant brand is well-loved. You want prospects to have FOMO (fear of missing out). Organic, user-generated video reviews help restaurant branding and, more importantly, keep your online restaurant reputation going strong.

5. Promote your business on franki

It’s all about timing. When users enter the franki app, they are hunting and looking to be inspired. Whether for a particular type of food or somewhere new, franki has a suite of promotional tools to help in that decision-making process. 

Business promotions put your restaurant front and center in the homescreen, while content promotions place your favorite videos in different places throughout the app, so you can inspire users with what you have to offer.

It’s not just about them seeing you; it’s about them seeing you at the right time. 

And that’s it! Wasn’t that easy? With franki, you’re on your way to building your restaurant brand with UGC, and managing your online reputation! 

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