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About Eve

Hi! My name is Eve and I grew up in Westchester, New York. I made the best decision to move to Austin 3 years ago. I love everything about this city including the running trails on the lake, the people I’ve met and of course, the food scene. I have been a foodie basically my whole life & started my food Instagram account in high school. I love trying new restaurants in town and my current favorite restaurant is Neighborhood Sushi!

About Rebecca

Hey, y’all! Atxfoodiebabe here! I moved to Austin in 2020 and after getting a taste of the restaurant scene out in ATX, I decided to document my adventures to share with all of my fellow foodies. My love of food + my love of photography morphed into one really fun hobby – food blogging!
While I love to eat, drink, and explore new places, I also LOVE sharing incredible experiences with others. I’m super lucky to live in one of the coolest places in America and I’m also super fortunate to have the ability to travel and share those experiences as well.
My current favorite restaurant in Austin is District Kitchen. They have a solid menu that frequently changes, a wide variety of cocktails and wines, award winning desserts by their award winning pastry chef, and superb service at every visit.

About Bailey

Just a Pacific Northwest transplant that enjoys soaking up the LA sun as much as possible. I’m a huge fan of aesthetically patios and I will always say yes to a rooftop bar at sunset. I can be found most weekends trying out the most trendy brunch spots, scoping out hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, or looking for my spicy food fix

What I love about LA is the endless possibilities for trying new food, connection through food, and new experiences through food. I absolutely have a favorite restaurant for every food category, but I can never pick just one. I’m excited to share them with you all!

About Sherri

Hi! My name is Sherri! I was born in the bustling city of Los Angeles and raised amidst the charm of San Francisco. My adventures have led me to captivating places like Buenos Aires, Argentina, before finding my home back in the United States in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles. With a diverse culinary background, I’ve journeyed through bakeries, the renowned Cocolat by Alice Medrich (referred to as the First Lady of chocolate) and the realms of fine dining.
I graduated from the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, where I honed my skills as a manager at one point at McDonald’s Corporation. My academic prowess shines through my master’s degree in business continuity, security, and risk management from Boston University. When not immersed in my professional endeavors, I find solace at Figaro Bistrot, a charming spot that is also a bakery and bar, welcoming furry companions with its dog-friendly ambiance.

About Julia

I’m originally from the Bay Area and now live in Dallas. I started growing my foodie Instagram @therealmeishangry during COVID combining my passion for photography and food. My current favorite restaurant is Bulla Gastrobar. They have tapas, paella, and even a DIY mimosa tower.

About Brandon

My name is Brandon aka Bexploresdallas and I’m a Dallas Native! I’ve been creating content for about 7 years. I’m a huge movie fan so being able to create cinematic content is something I love to do!

I started exploring various food cuisines with my now wife when we started dating! We had so much fun traveling across the metroplex to try different foods and one day we both just started actually photographing our dishes and here we are today!

About Michelle

Hi! My name is Michelle and I am a foodie from sunny San Diego, California! I initially created my food page to share some of my favorite recipes, but then later started to highlight my favorite restaurants locally as well as places I traveled to!

I continue to share easy recipes that everyone can recreate at home, and now have expanded my content creation services for businesses that deserve some more attention! My current favorite restaurant, although pricey, is Kinme Omakase – they have a rotating seasonal tasting menu that is worth every penny!

About Liz

Hi! I’m Liz, a foodie based in San Diego, CA eating my way through life, one meal at a time. I love sharing my love for food to other fellow food lovers through videos and creating content by giving a visual of what to expect whether it be deciding on what to order or even check the place out.

My current favorite restaurant that I highly recommend people to give a try is El Cruce + 241 located in Chula Vista that I cannot stress people enough to try out when in the area with their amazing selection of tacos, drinks, and appetizers!

About Sarah

Hey there, I’m Sarah – a Dutchie who ditched windmills for Houston’s sizzling vibes a decade ago. As a true Dutchie I’m all about embracing carbs and cheese like they’re my long-lost friends, but cilantro? We’re not on speaking terms. Houston’s food scene is my playground, you can find everything here ! I’m on a mission to share the best bites in this ever-evolving city. Right now, Nancy’s Hustle is stealing the show, but ask me again next month!

About Andre

Hello hello everyone! My name is Andre, and I’m excited to be one of Houston’s Franki Ambassadors! I’ve got a background in scientific research where my ability to research and compile data spilled into all other parts of my life like planning for my travels, but also more importantly researching food/restaurants! I have pretty much always lived by the phrase “The camera eats first!”, and eventually I created a small-time Instagram blog to keep track of all my visits or favorite spots I love to go to (my current favorite spot for coffee and brunch is Homebrew!)

From there, I’ve established myself in my friend circles as the one to go to for recs, and wanted to continue sharing with everyone what I found with my food research all over Houston, as well as the food I eat around the world! Here’s to all the future bites I’ll be sharing with you all on my journey to eat all kinds of food!