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unique local experiences

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What is it?

We’re all about experiencing life, and sharing it with others. So we’re looking for the most unique experiences from local businesses all around the U.S. The speakeasy with a code to get in. The hot dog stand that calls you with a time and pickup location after you order. The weird, the wonderful, and the memorable.
Life is all about moments, and we want to see yours. So grab your camera, grab your pals, and show us your world.

How does it work?

It’s simple really. Go to a great local experience. Shoot and submit your video. Win Rewards.

Download the franki app, and make an account.

Go to a great local experience, and shoot your video.

Submit your video to the GiG, following the rules below.

Win Rewards.

What are the rules?

  1. Video requirements:
    1. Video must be 10+ seconds and its contents apparent (meaning well-lit, in-focus…we want to see it!)
    2. Video must be relevant to the experience
    3. Add some music and/or a voiceover
  2. Only one submission per user will be eligible for a prize
  3. Has to be posted to a business with a physical location that other people can attend
  4. If more than one hundred (100) entries that meet the rules are submitted, any additional entries will be eligible for the grand prize but not the $10 prize.
  5. Five finalists will be selected by the franki team and the winner will be selected by public voting that will take place on Instagram.
  6. Prize pool is as follows:
    1. One grand prize of $1000
    2. Four runner-up prizes of $250 for the remaining finalists
    3. One hundred $10 prizes will be awarded to the first one hundred submissions

Terms and conditions apply.

What makes unique a experience?



Use your imagination. This is about showing great local businesses and the unique experiences they offer.
But to help you along, here are some examples: 


  • Good example: Hidden speakeasy

Frequently Asked Questions

The winner will be selected by a combination of voting by the franki team and total engagement on your entry that will be posted on the franki Instagram page. You will be able to earn up to 5 points in each category with the top combined score winning the grand prize. The scoring by the franki team will be as follows, Uniqueness – 50%, Quality of video – 20%, Helpfulness – 30%

Once the GiG closes, the franki team will select five finalists and they will be posted on our Instagram.

The winners will be paid out within 14 days of the contest closing

Check out our Terms and Conditions