Managing Your Online Reputation Is Easier Than You Think

Turn the Tables and Restore Your Restaurant’s Online Reputation

As a restaurant owner, you have a long to-do list. Likely you have been putting off that one critical component to success – managing your online reputation. We get it. The overall day-to-day operations of a restaurant are pretty intense. Overseeing food ordering, menu planning, staff, guests, marketing, and promotions takes a lot of time and energy.

But these days, online reputations are vital to your business viability. In 2020, 87% of consumers surveyed said they rely on online reviews and recommendations for local business. So, managing your online reputation is critical, but it has become overwhelming and time-consuming. 

That means it’s time to use an online reputation tool, but how do you get started? Don’t worry. It’s not as confusing as you think. 


Hundreds of people come through your establishment weekly, and any of them can pull out their phones at the slightest perceived annoyance and do some severe damage in the form of a text-based review, affecting your business reputation. The real danger of these forms of reviews lies in the accuracy. Readers can’t assess how truthful the review is, so they go on face value.

The truth is, you’ll never be able to avoid text-based review sites, so you should always respond to these reviews when you can. But, there’s another way to take control of your online reputation with a more powerful tool – video.


Videos show, don’t tell. It’s as simple as that. Your incredible food, your smiling Host, your unique venue – the video showcases them all, giving prospects an opportunity to see the experience live. No longer do potential customers – or you – have to rely on text reviews that may or may not be truthful. 

Not only do user-generated content and recommendations ring true to your patrons, they’re also more shareable. A 2020 study showed that users share video at twice the rate of any other form of media. Which means a good video has a higher chance of getting shared organically.

So taking control of your online reputation means shifting your attention to video content. franki is an easy online tool you can use right now to manage your online reputation because it replaces the notion of only text-based reviews. It allows you to get and manage video content direct from your customers.  All you have to do is claim your listing


You can encourage your best patrons and new customers alike to take videos of their incredible experience at your restaurant, and post them to your franki app listing. Let the videos do the talking. Once the videos have been uploaded, it’s time to choose the ones that highlight you the way you want to be seen. Then, distribute them across your other social channels and your search engine business page. 

Take control of your online reputation with real experiences by your happy clients. Videos are more honest, engaging and helpful than text-based reviews. And more powerful. franki makes it easy to harness that power, and manage your online reputation.


At franki, we love a great dining experience and area always looking for new and creative ways to share our positive experiences. Each restaurant has unique attributes, and nothing is more powerful than video, which is why we created this platform. We knew it had to be accessible for you and engaging for your patrons. Our whole mission is to integrate into the fabric of local businesses by allowing your patrons to share their excitement using video over their latest find, neighborhood gem, or Best. Meal. Ever. Basically, their excitement over you.

For more information about franki, read our last blog about how it works. And if you’re ready to harness your online reputation right now, go ahead and claim your franki listing.