Online Reputation Tools for Getting Reviews

Online reputation tools are a critical part of managing your reputation online. This includes more than just building an active social media profile, it’s connecting with your users on review platforms while also imprinting your brand presence across the web. Once you know who you are and what you offer your customers, you can begin thinking about how you are going to bring that brand to life and weave it into your online reputation.

Connecting online with your customers can seem like a large, overwhelming task but there are many different things that can give you a leg up as you start. These are the five things that can help you manage your online reputation.  

Five ways to manage and improve your online reputation

01. Use Google My Business

Google My Business is the Google home from your business. Anyone who searches Google for your business will see the Google business page on the right hand side of the browser. Not only can you update this page with images and links to your website and other review sites, you can also interact with customers, answer questions, and add links to your social media profiles.

02. Use Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular platform that manages many different social media platforms. Using Hootsuite will allow your business to schedule posts for all of your social media platforms in one place, repost from customers onto your own  social feed, and view a breakdown of all data related to engagement statistics on your posts. Hootsuite is a great way to stay organized and view all of your engagements on one dashboard.

03. Own Your Profile On Review Sites

Step further than just Google. The business pages that you should be sure you have claimed include Google, Yelp, and OpenTable. Not only does this allow you to claim and manage what your customers see when they log in, it also shows your willingness to interact about your business and it provides a place for you to express your feelings about your customers and what they mean to your business.These review sites can also serve as a pillar of truth with regards to menu changes, your operating hours, new events, or any weekly or monthly specials you have created.

04. BuzzyBooth Review Software

BuzzyBooth is an automated review software that works by collecting contact information, automatically requests reviews of your business, and also monitors reviews and gives you reports with statistics and analytics. BuzzyBooth is great for businesses that have little time to devote to their customer reviews but also want to stay somewhat engaged with users. The messages sent to customers can be personalized but using automation makes the connection between your business and customer impersonal.  

05. Engage with your customers at franki

franki helps customers discover the unknown while creating a local community by changing the way they eat, drink, and live their lives. With franki, users are about to share each other’s experiences and almost taste the food through their screens. franki gives customers an adventure that you facilitate. Not only do your customers get to engage with your business and feel heard, they also get to interact with your business in new and adventurous ways. 

Connecting with your customers is the best way to manage your online reputation. As you start to think about which online reputation tools you might want to use, you should consider using the review app, franki. On franki you can connect with your audiences, interact with real, transparent reviews, and you’ll be able to create engaging adventures that will invigorate your customer base.