Restaurant Recovery After COVID: Your Three Biggest Challenges

Restaurant recovery can be demanding in the post-COVID era. Find out how franki helps you respond to changing customers habits, streamline your marketing activities and find more time to keep your business running smoothly. 

According to the National Restaurant Association, “The pandemic has fundamentally altered how consumers use restaurants, and the industry is unlikely to ever completely return to its pre-pandemic state.” At an association conference, senior vice president Hudson Riehle explained, “Restaurant operators’ ability to innovate and stay flexible continues to play a key role in creating a new future for the industry.”

So, what are likely to be your three biggest challenges, and how can technology help you respond to them? Here’s what our customers have been telling us here at franki.

Challenge #1: Customer Habits Have Changed

Back in 2019, being online was only one part of your customers’ daily life. Once the pandemic hit, households have shifted. Virtually everything families did in their professional and personal lives started happening on-screen. For the most part, they came to prefer that.

They learned to use online tools more wisely. Instead of being deluged with wall-to-wall information, they started to look for curated content tailored to their needs and preferences. According to an AIS Media poll, 89% of diners have researched online before visiting a restaurant for the first time. 

You need to target your customers where they are. The trouble is, traditional online platforms haven’t moved with the times. 

Many online platforms think globally, not locally. That’s great if you’re Facebook, but it doesn’t lend itself to promoting a corner bar or restaurant in a specific neighborhood.

The franki community provides your establishment with the online tools you need to engage local customers who are already interested in your business. You can lower your marketing spend by growing an online neighborhood that trusts your brand. 

franki is a platform built specifically for local restaurants. We’re more than a place for your customers to decide where to eat or drink.

We foster a community of local foodies and explorers around the country that travelers use to live like a local. You can use franki to draw new customers to your business from across town or across the country, using amazing, real-life, user-generated, video content.

Challenge #2: Marketing is Time-Consuming

For local entrepreneurs, targeting the right audience for your venue can be time-consuming and expensive. You also need content that stands out from the crowd. All your competitors have websites too, and they’re all listed on the same old directories and review platforms.

Maintaining a website and an online presence on all the platforms that keep sprouting up and switching around takes a ton of effort. If you’re like most restaurateurs, you’re already shorthanded these days.

franki is both a social marketing tool and a media management platform, and soon you can use franki to push content to other online networks where your customers are active. franki will use deep linking to allow local businesses to post content generated from their customers on franki directly to their profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

We offer a range of promotional options you can set up in less than a minute. Plus, you only pay for campaigns when they deliver results. With our pay-for-performance model, you don’t pay for views, you pay for conversions. 

Challenge #3: You Have a Business to Run

Running a bar or restaurant involves a lot of challenges today. Food and beverage costs are rising, supply chains are unreliable and hiring and keeping staff is tougher than ever. You need to stay on top of these priorities, which doesn’t leave much time to attract new customers under the “new normal.” 

You can spend time and money on franki and feel good about it. We’re the only video-powered marketing platform that simplifies marketing your business. franki delivers real-time feedback and management tools from one user-friendly dashboard.

You can track results, start ad campaigns and announce discounts all in one place. You’ll attract customers who spend money and create content at your location. That frees up time so you can be in the kitchen, greeting customers at the front of the house or sorting out inventory glitches with suppliers.

Why Choose franki?

Like your restaurant, franki is a small business. You’ll be dealing with a tight-knit group of motivated staff, who started franki because they believe local businesses are going under served. We’re a group of people with a genuine desire to better connect local communities, and to improve how people discover local experiences.

At franki, your voice gets heard. You can talk directly to senior managers who can get things done for you without having to ask for approvals.

We can tailor solutions to meet your unique needs. Many of the best ideas have come from our customers, and we incorporate them into our online products and services.

Over 3,500 small businesses just like yours use franki. We’re entrepreneurs who are as determined to succeed in these “interesting times” as you are.

Why not get started by listing your business on franki? It’s free and you can claim a listing in just three minutes. Try us today.