Tis the❄️

What is the Tis the Season competition?

Just as one season ends and another begins, so do our GiGs! ❄️
These GiGs will start the day after Thanksgiving (as do those holiday tunes 🎶)! We’ll have 12 categories setup as 12 GiGs for you to submit to! You can submit to as many of the categories as you want, but the more you submit to, the more likely you’ll be able to snag a share of a whopping $1200!
We’ll be awarding $100 per category to the most creative submission that exemplifies each theme the best, which means you have a chance to win up to $1200!

How do you submit to a GiG?

If you haven’t submitted to a GiG before, you can find them on the “Search” tab, just click on “Offers.” These special Holiday themed GiGs will begin to appear on Nov 25th and be released day by day after that!
The GiG submissions will close 11:59 PM on Dec 18th.
Now onto the categories…

Tis the Season GiG Categories

Day 1 – Sippin’ on some Cocoa!
What’s your fave place to grab a seasonal drink? (e.g. cocoa, peppermint latte, etc.)

Day 2 – Ginger all the Way!
What’s your fave thing off the menu that features ginger?

Day 3 – Dreamin’ of Sugar Plums
What’s your fave place to snack on some sweets?

Day 4 – Fave Festive Dinner!
What’s your fave place to grab a festive dinner dish (e.g. turkey, ham, tofurkey)

Day 5 – Chocolate Wonderland
What’s your fave place for some tasty chocolate?

Day 6 – It’s a Family Recipe
What’s your fave place to eat comfort foods?

Day 7 – Santa’s Fave Snack
Show us your fave milk and cookies (or milkshake – Santa likes those too)

Day 8 – Sippin’ on some Spirits
Where do you grab a boozy festive drink? (e.g. spiked eggnog, mulled wine)

Day 9 – Jingle all the Way
Show us your fave place to catch holiday tunes? (e.g. live music venue, carolers)

Day 10 – Festive Flavors
Where do you get flavors of the season like cinnamon & peppermint?

Day 11 – Get Out for the Holidays
What’s your favorite holiday themed activity? (e.g. ice skating, caroling)

Day 12 – Share Your Tradition!
Is there a place you visit every year? Show us why you love it!

Check back for more!

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