Tools For Creating Content

Running a business these days is more than opening on time and providing customers with a quality product or service. Customers love engaging with online and using video posts to engage with businesses. Now’s the time to really look at improving the social media presence of your business so you can engage with your customers where they’re comfortable. 

Before you start to engage, be sure you’re creating the best social media content by finding the perfect tool to fit your needs. Here are the top five social content tools that you can use to create some dynamic social content.

Five tools for creating content

1. ClipChamp

ClipChamp is a reasonably priced online software program that allows you to import or record engaging videos, edit clips, add audio, and record voiceovers, all for free. They have a lot of different title cards, audio, icons, and other resources available to create fantastic videos that you can use across all your social media channels, all watermark-free! There are some limits to what you have access to in the free range, but there is plenty that you can do without having to subscribe to the subscription that they offer. ClipChamp Business is $19 a month or $120 a year.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a part of the Adobe suite and was specifically created with social media in mind. This reasonably priced online software program allows you to import video, edit clips, create animations, use their original post templates, and more. One drawback is that the free version of Adobe Spark exports products with a small, visible Adobe watermark in the corner. But, for $10 a month or $99 a year you can have access to all of the templates, icons, and Adobe fonts for your social media content.

3. Animaker

Animaker is a fantastic tool for businesses looking to create engaging animated videos for their users. Animations are simple and straightforward using this online software program that allows you some basic animation creation and downloads using their free plan. Like Adobe Spark, Animaker also embeds a small watermark on it’s free videos and also adds an Animaker outro to the end. But, with the Pro plan, users can mix animation with live videos and add music and use Animaker voice over artists while also creating and saving their own animated characters, saving businesses time and money down the line. The Pro plan for Animaker costs $39 a month or $468 a year.

4. iMovie and Windows Movie Maker

If you’re using an Apple or Windows operating system, you may find that your computer automatically comes with editing software. Unlike the software mentioned above, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are basic programs that allow you to edit video clips and audio together while placing simple title cards into the videos. These programs are great if you’re on a tight budget and need something fast and simple, but they can limit your creativity and prevent you from really catching the attention of your social media followers.

5. franki

franki is an experience review app that uses video that informs users choices as they decide where to eat, drink, and live their lives. franki uses user generated content from real customers. The app allows customers to easily engage and connect with businesses like yours by creating a community of loyal and local users that want to see and experience their night out. 

Creating engaging content for your businesses marketing is vital to finding new customers and forging a connection with them on social media. franki allows your users to become a part of your world. By connecting with your users on franki, you’re encouraging them to discover something new and exciting. At franki we believe the seeing is believing. Are you ready to incentivize and interact face-to-face with your customers? Learn more about becoming a franki Partner here.