What is franki?

Harness the power of video and manage your online reputation with franki

Reviews are a hassle. They’re difficult to manage, mired in pay-to-play scenarios, and often inaccurate, yet 87% of people still rely on reviews before they try a new product or business. They’re annoying, but small businesses can live or die by them. So managing them has to be an essential part of any business’ marketing plan. 

So what is franki? Well, franki is a new suite of technology tools that makes marketing your business easier by harnessing the power of a new form of review and avoiding the pitfalls of text-based ones. Now you can create genuine, long-lasting connections with engaged consumers in your area.

The landscape is shifting 

Reviews will never go out of style, but they are shifting. When asked about how they’d prefer to learn about a service or product, 69% of consumers said through a short video. Compare that to the 18% who said a text-based article. 

That’s because text requires guesswork. You don’t get to see the sights that make a venue unique, or the beautiful latte artwork that it’s known for. You have to take the author’s word for it. An author you don’t know, and who may have been angry when they visited the restaurant. We’ve all seen those kinds of reviews. Hell, we’ve all probably gotten those kinds of reviews.

When you’re watching a video, there’s no guesswork required because it’s all right there in front of you. And that’s the difference. With video, it’s not just a review – it’s an experience. 

Let your loyal customers show you off 

franki is built to give the power of those video experiences to business owners, so you can take control of reviews and, ultimately, your online reputation. 

For users, the franki app is a place where they come to decide where to eat, drink or play. Because on the app, they can watch videos made by foodies and casual consumers highlighting their experiences at local businesses. It’s easy to decide with video – seeing is believing, after all.

So then what does this mean for a business owner? It means you can easily get and manage honest, truthful videos that show off what really makes your business unique. In other words: you can get reviews that actually drive business. 

No more living or dying based on vague, or worse inaccurate, text reviews – your customers can show off exactly what they love about you. Which you can then share everywhere – like other social media apps – with the click of a button.

And, to ensure you get content that highlights the parts of the business you want to show off – maybe it’s your rooftop bar, or a new pasta dish – we built GiGs. GiGs incentivize customers to come in, try something specific, and leave a video of their experience.

Pay to be chosen not seen

So much of marketing is timing. You may have the perfect video highlighting your pizza running across Instagram, demographically optimized for the perfect audience – but that audience sees it right after they ate dinner. Timing is essential, but difficult to control. 

When users come into the franki app, however, they are looking to make a decision specifically about what and where to eat. They either know exactly what they want and just aren’t sure where to get it, or they’re unsure what they’re looking for and are looking to be inspired.

Our suite of promotional tools puts you front and center in that decision-making process. Business promotions put your restaurant front and center in the home screen, while content promotions place your favorite videos in different places throughout the app, so you can inspire users with what you have to offer.

And then, to really seal the deal, you can incentivize with a Check-In Offer, which gives them a discount for coming in. 

It’s not about them seeing you, it’s about them seeing you at the right time. 

Connect with your Community 

So what is franki? On our website, we say franki is about marketing made easy. But really, It’s about marketing made effective. Because at its core, franki is designed to connect you with local consumers, so you can build meaningful relationships with them. Relationships that turn into repeat business.

Our engaged community of local customers and foodies are always looking for their next favorite spot. Their next night out. Their next local dive bar. And on franki, you’re able to market yourself exactly as you’d like, to ensure that it’s you.

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