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We believe that life is too short to waste on a bad meal, so we've created the most rewarding way for people to discover some of the best-kept experiences, recommended by those who have been there themselves.

Our Philosophy
Our Story

Our Story

Franki started with a genuine desire to improve how people discover local experiences. We didn’t want Franki to be just another app to find food or drinks. We wanted to create a trustworthy place where you could discover what you wouldn’t find elsewhere, in a way that felt simple, intuitive, and rewarding.

Our first step was to build a platform and community made of locals in the know who share real, transparent, and frank content. What started out as a dream amongst friends has since grown into a foodie revolution with global ambition.

Our Values

Trust: Our journey began with a desire to share frank, honest, and candid content around food and experiences. It's this spirit of openness that inspired the name “Franki.” We're not about sharing negative experiences, but rather highlighting the ones that are worth sharing.

Discovery: We believe oversharing is caring. New discoveries, old favorites, reliable recommendations and real life videos. Seeing speaks so much louder than words and that's what keeps our search results authentic.

Community: Franki was built to support local communities by better connecting businesses with consumers to grow local economies. So we built a trusted, reliable space to be in the know and where like minded people can inspire each other.

Our Story
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